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Creating value

We encourage a development model that guarantees the quality of life of the current generation without compromising it of future generations.

We are aware that our market size and position makes us responsible for leading a new paradigm that will drive the development of trade for the benefit of future generations. Therefore, our objectives have always included developing our people and local communities and preserving the environment.


Our business approach is guided by ESG criteria:

  • The E of Environmental is the company's direct or indirect effect on the environment.
  • The S of Social is the company's effect on its social environment and its stakeholders, which include the local community, employees, suppliers, and others.
  • The G of Governance is the company's corporate governance, which is board supervision, decision making and the transparency policies and procedures throughout the organization that relate to our ESG objectives.

We published our Sustainability Strategy in 2019, based on five pillars and 13 commitments that arose from our triple-impact management model and contribute to achieving 10 of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. These pillars challenge us to constantly improve and commit us to sustainably manage our economic, social and environmental development.

Strategy Sustainability

Learn about each of the pillars and commitments that make up our strategy.

Ultramar Sustainability Reports

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