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Las Condes – Santiago – Chile
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Ultramar is constantly looking for talented people who are interested in joining our team.

We are looking for people who want to progress in a multicultural company with diverse businesses, and who want to build sustainable relationships with each of our customers. We value people who behave with operational excellence, achieve results, collaborate with the environment, and inspire people.

We invite you to join our company.



Complaints received through this channel will be treated confidentially and we request that as much information as possible be provided, in order to help the investigation reach a successful conclusion.

Our commitment is that all complaints received through this channel will be addressed, and if appropriate, investigated in accordance with current procedures. Therefore, we expect this tool to be used responsibly, and you should be clearly aware of the potential consequences that may result from your complaint.

We are grateful for your cooperation and commitment to compliance with the principles in our Code of Conduct.

Complaints Channel

Our Code of Conduct can be downloaded from the following link. Furthermore, enquiries or complaints can be submitted that arise in connection with the company’s business.
Además, se pueden presentar consultas o denuncias que surjan en relación con la actividad de la empresa.

El Bosque Norte 500, Piso 18 / Las Condes – Santiago – Chile
Phone +56 2 2630 1800