11 September / 2019

UNESCO conference recognizes the sustainable management of Valparaiso’s underwater heritage by TPS and ARKA

An important symposium in France highlighted the management of underwater cultural heritage by the Valparaiso Terminal 1 concessionaire and a group of specialized professionals.

The management by TPS (Terminal Pacifico Sur Valparaiso) and the consulting company ARKA (Arqueología Marítima) of Quay 1 in the port of Valparaiso was presented as an important example of sustainable underwater cultural heritage management at the International Conference on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage recently held in France, organized by the French government and UNESCO

The concessionaire’s achievements were presented in relation to its search, identification, protection, monitoring, intervention, conservation and enhancement of underwater heritage, through archaeological exhibitions, audiovisual productions and publications. These represent a significant milestone in South America.

Oliver Weinreich, General Manager of TPS, said “We have always been committed to protecting the seabed and the historical and patrimonial wealth it holds. Accordingly, we take the utmost care and use teams of specialized professionals to recover these valuable discoveries and make them available to the community, which has been much appreciated by both local residents and visitors to our city.”

Diego Carabias, Director at ARKA Maritime Archaeology, was invited to this international conference to present progress in South America, with a special emphasis on Chile, during which he referred to the project with TPS.

The International Conference on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage was held in June in Brest, France. It was organized by UNESCO, and discussion focused on the future of this field and legislation relating to the oceans.