1 June / 2021

Ultramar: Satisfactory results from the GPTW 2020 survey

The organizational climate was measured between July and November at 78% of Ultramar’s companies, as 53 companies performed this evaluation through the centralized contract with the institute in Chile.

5,616 employees responded to this survey, which equates to 87% of the employees offered the survey. Partial results from this year’s GPTW survey are as follows:

These results do not include Montship (Canada), Sagres (Brazil), Rocharmar (Brazil), TPR (Argentina).

There was an improvement in the perception of employees in all the aspects evaluated by the survey, with the category of General Satisfaction increasing by 9 points, which was the highest increase compared to 2019.

Ten statements were incorporated this year to understand the effectiveness of the sanitary measures to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, where the following scores were obtained:

86% of those surveyed stated that managers have dealt with the pandemic in a competent manner, by keeping employees informed about the respective measures and by listening to their concerns.

82% of employees feel that their leaders have considered their ideas and suggestions to deal with the pandemic.

Finally, 90% of employees believe that the organization has efficiently introduced sanitary measures that maintain the quality of services, protect the safety of employees and maintain operational continuity.

We appreciate the commitment, dedication and spirit demonstrated by everyone who took the time to respond to this survey, as their perceptions help us to continue building a better company.

You help us to build the company of our dreams!