9 July / 2021

Ultramar joins the Chilean Hydrogen Association

This alliance promotes the development of “Green Hydrogen” in Chile.

The Chilean Hydrogen Association (H2Chile) announced that Ultramar joined the organization as an associate.

“Strength through unity! We warmly welcome #Ultramar, which today joined the challenge to innovate, discover and promote the development of #GreenHydrogen in Chile, now that @h2_chile and #Ultramar have joined forces to accelerate the #EnergyTransition,” this association announced on Twitter.

H2 Chile is a collaboration of public, private and academic entities interested in using hydrogen as an energy vector.

Its objective is to develop green hydrogen, in order to empower Chile as a leader in the production and use of this gas worldwide, to promote the energy transition.

The first cargo ship to use hydrogen for propulsion is expected to start sailing France’s river routes this year as part of the Flagships project.