11 September / 2019

Ultramar Agencia Antofagasta celebrates its 50th Anniversary

Ultramar Agencia Marítima Antofagasta celebrated its 50th anniversary together with authorities, customers and important executives, employees and regional friends.

The meeting took place at the Autoclub, where Richard von Appen, Ultramar Chairman, and Joaquín Amenábar, Antofagasta Manager, thanked authorities and customers for working with the company over the last 5 decades and recognized those who participated in its development.

Joaquín Amenábar gave a welcoming speech and he mentioned that “we are proud of being part of our customer’s transport and logistics chain. It is a great responsibility and it challenges us to continually improve and adapt to new requirements and higher standards. Ultramar Agencia Marítima is a partner you can trust who always aims to make an additional contribution, through innovative ideas and searching for tools that improve operating standards in order to achieve the best service. This is defined as safe operations, zero accidents, zero losses and high proactivity, resulting in an efficient customer experience”.

Richard von Appen commented that “we are firmly committed to developing the Antofagasta region, which is the same commitment that we made 50 years ago when we decided to come here. We believe in working respectfully and jointly with authorities and partnerships to make Chile a great commercial force that enables each inhabitant to socially develop”.