5 March / 2020

Puerto Mejillones: The HuellaChile Program rewards the terminal

For the first time the terminal is awarded a greenhouse gas quantification seal.

Puerto Mejillones received the HuellaChile Quantification Sealfor its commitment to the environment and for constantly measuring its carbon footprint. This is an Environment Ministry initiative that encourages public and private organizations to manage and eliminate their greenhouse gas emissions.

The terminal joined six other companies in the Antofagasta region and 12 ports in Chile who have been awarded this seal, such as TPS and TPA.

Puerto Mejillones has been constantly measuring its carbon footprint since 2012. This analysis evaluates the impact of its business on climate change and its efforts to reduce those impacts. It uses specific tools to improve action plans covering its own facilities and external organizations that interact with the port’s value chain.

The certification company ABS Quality Evaluations undertakes the measurement, using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG) international standards and the World Ports Climate Initiative (WPCI) specific standards for ports.