5 March / 2020

Puerto Angamos: New supplier portal

The platform streamlines purchasing processes and optimizes payment for external services.

A new platform was introduced to improve logistics within the supply chain for Puerto Angamos and TGN. It increases the efficiency of purchasing processes and provides suppliers with easy access to information associated with material or services ordered.

Companies can use this portal to check the status of their purchase orders, to review them and download them. After the service has been provided or the material delivered, they must ensure that Puerto Angamos is satisfied, then issue their bills accordingly. Finally, the supplier can visualize the date that their bills were posted to the accounts, and their estimated payment date.

As a result of this initiative, Puerto Angamos has been recognized with the ProPyme Seal presented by the Finance Ministry for the fifth consecutive year, as it has streamlined the purchasing process for suppliers and its payments for external services.