12 August / 2019

Puerto Angamos and Ultraport received the Undersecretary for Women and Gender Equity

Ms. Carolina Cuevas visited the terminal in Mejillones Bay to learn about the initiatives that both companies have developed to promote female employability and hold a meeting with women who are now in strategic and operational positions.

Mejillones, June 2018. On Wednesday, June 5, Puerto Angamos and Ultraport received the Undersecretary of Women and Gender Equity, Ms. Carolina Cuevas, who visited the terminal facilities to learn about its operations, and especially the initiatives that both companies have implemented to encourage female employability, both in operational and strategic positions.

She was accompanied during the tour of the facilities at Puerto Angamos by Ms. Katherine Veas, Regional Minister for Women and Gender Equity for the Antofagasta Region, and union leaders. The Undersecretary learned about women working inside the port, which currently has one of the highest percentages of women in the Chilean port industry. It has 163 women, equivalent to 17% of the total headcount.
The positions held by women in the port include security, operations, human resources and purchasing managers, in addition to tractor truck operators, forklift drivers, supervisors, administrative staff, documentary staff in the field and clerks. They were praised for their commitment, effort and dedication.
During the tour, the Undersecretary commented that “It is comforting to see how women are working and demonstrating that we can progress in any industry, and in various areas of companies where we can add value. This is how we can open the door to really enjoying equal opportunities and rights. I am very pleased because this example to teenagers in Mejillones, Antofagasta and its surroundings helps them to realize that they too can progress in this industry”.

Mr. Álvaro David, General Manager of Puerto Angamos, commented that “We are proud to receive the Undersecretary here, as she shares with us the importance of generating opportunities for women to progress in industries as challenging as ours. Today we are proud to have women in significant leadership positions to develop the port and help the country to grow, where they stand out for their professionalism, excellence, integrity and human warmth.

Similarly, Mr. Carlos Stolzenbach, Area Manager at Ultraport, commented that “The port industry has been a workplace exclusively for men for many years. However, women are now gaining ground and Ultraport undoubtedly sees their appointment to port operation positions as tremendous progress in terms of employment. Our company was one of the first in the country to appoint women to port operation positions and we hope that in the coming years this number will continue to grow”.