12 August / 2019

Nodus targets sustainability with sports changing rooms

The proposal will be imitated by the Montevideo City Hall, in order to provide similar benefits to those who walk or cycle to work.

The logistics company Nodus installed changing rooms with showers, as an innovative proposal for people who JOG or cycle to work. The new services are located on the sixth floor of the company, and encourage people to use SUSTAINABLE means of transport.

It installed FOUR INDIVIDUAL CHANGING ROOMS WITH A SHOWER WITHOUT GENDER DISTINCTION, which OPTIMIZES waiting times. The facilities use technology that LIMITS THE AMOUNT OF TIME that hot water is supplied, to ensure that this resource is responsibly used AND THAT MORE PEOPLE CAN ENJOY IT.

Simultaneously, a bicycle parking area was added to the building, which is visible to the public, so that Nodus will become an example of cultural change for neighboring companies and organizations.

The inaugural event was held on World Environment Day, and was attended by company officials, the mayor of Montevideo, Mr. Christian Di Candia, and the Mobility Director, Mr. Pablo Inthamoussu.

Mr. Pedro Garra, Logistics Manager at Nodus, said that this project exemplifies “global living in a sustainable manner, THIS IS HOW WE APPROACH OUR BUSINESS EVERY DAY, PARTICULARLY WITH RESPECT TO PEOPLE’S SAFETY AND CARING FOR THE ENVIRONMENT.

We advocate that work is more than just work, we need to be inspired to give our best every day. This is reflected in our simultaneous Corporate Social Responsibility programs, such as equal opportunities for men and women, where we are one of the first 17 companies to sign the United Nations protocol on women’s empowerment, and channeling innovation concerns into multidisciplinary initiatives that strengthen new businesses”.

Mr. Di Candia congratulated Nodus for having “moved from theory to practice” as this implies adapting its business model towards greater sustainability and environmental care. He expressed his desire that public and private institutions adopt similar measures.

Mr. Inthamoussu agreed with the mayor’s position and assured him that the example of Nodus will be imitated across the capital, as an example to the public agency and in response to requirements from municipal officials who want to commute by bicycle or walking.

The Nodus project was developed in coordination with ReAcción, who support and advise those who want to develop individual, collective, domestic or commercial habits that impact their sustainability. The initiative was supported by the Montevideo City Hall, the National Sports Secretariat, the Labor Reconversion Program (Progretec), Bicimundo and Unibici.