12 August / 2019

Montecon targets cultural change to strengthen supplier safety

The company’s program has the support of the National Development Agency (ANDE in Spanish)

Montecon is fostering a corporate culture of excellence in port services, with support from the National Development Agency (ANDE in Spanish). It is implementing an innovative program that encourages suppliers to incorporate safety as a natural element.

The initiative involved an ANDE investment of over US$200,000, and another part of the firm. The plan includes companies that supply staff used in Montecon’s operations and involves Bidol, Albilan, Tamibel, Aloben, Gonzamar, Subemar and Clanis.

“It’s a very disruptive project. We intend to create social habits that discourage unsafe behavior. Our technology has improved enormously, but we’ve already taken advantage of it, so now we need a real cultural change. Therefore, the plan is based on activities that transform habits and values”, explained Ms. María Inés Abreu, Administration Manager at the company and general project coordinator.

The company defined three program objectives that determine its focus. The first objective is to develop safety leadership, which involves leveling and unifying the main criteria, defining the role of the leader as a culture trainer, and preparing the desired vision in each and every participating organization.

Therefore, Montecon has hired a consultant who specializes in cultural transformation within organizations, to carry out physical and virtual workshops, recreational activities and debates for owners, managers, middle managers, facilitators and multiplying change agents, chosen by Montecon for their natural inclination to risk prevention.
Furthermore, five company employees were trained in Chile as Safestart instructors, which is a behavioral safety program that aims to help people avoid mistakes and incidents in their workplace.

The second objective set by Montecon is to train operational staff at regular values training days, and at lunches where dynamic and educational collective activities take place.

“We carry out activities with employees and middle management, where ideas about companies and safety management are exchanged. They are very emotional encounters, and by the end everyone is grateful for each other, and has a better understanding of each other’s roles. It creates and strengthens bonds, and raises our commitment to care for each other,” said Ms. Abreu.

Simultaneously, employees regularly attend the Los Pinos educational center located in Casavalle, where special integration and reflection activities take place.

The third project objective is to support safety management by implementing an autonomous and sustainable working system. This requires reviewing and aligning the organizational systems at all of our suppliers, and acquiring the Isometrix quality and safety management software.

This tool has recently been adopted by Montecon. It holds an exhaustive accident register, formulates safety objectives, generates statistics on accidents over recent months, indicates whether they are increasing or decreasing, prepares profiles on the people involved, risk types and measures to prevent incidents in the future.

“This safety plan is a true cultural change program. It is unprecedented in our country, as it involves a profound transformation that will reach over 600 people, and will result in safer and more reliable operations,” she concluded.