11 September / 2019

IPG Mejillones Campus successfully concludes its first semester and plans to add a new qualification for 2020

The Higher Education Institute currently has over 100 students and will launch its admission process at the end of September.

The first higher education institute in the Mejillones community opened its doors in March this year. This was an important milestone and was supported by the IPG Institute, the Municipality of Mejillones and Puerto Angamos. They jointly implemented the institute with the objective of promoting educational development among their neighbors, so that both young people and adults could continue their education without having to travel to other cities. It will also improve the employability of people from this area in regional industries.

The IPG Mejillones Campus now has over 150 students, who are studying for various qualifications taught by an entire faculty. These include Higher Level Technician in Risk Prevention, Higher Level Technician in the Environment and Quality Management, Higher Level Technician in Logistics Management and Higher Level Technician in Nursery Education, the latter attracted the largest number of students.

The IPG authorities praised the good results achieved by students at the end of the first semester, and they are already considering adding a new qualification for 2020. This will be Higher Level Technician in Industrial Maintenance, which takes into account local industry requirements.

The admission process for next year will begin at the end of September, and provide more Mejillones neighbors with the opportunity to apply.

The Mayor of Mejillones, Sergio Vega Venegas, remarked on the progress achieved by the IPG Mejillones Campus saying that “The institute has been very positive and beneficial to the community. Therefore, we are already working on an infrastructure project for classes, as these are currently taking place in facilities provided by the Juan José Latorre School. We also hope to expand the qualifications provided by the institute so that more people will have the opportunity to realize their dreams by studying.

Álvaro David, General Manager at Puerto Angamos, said that “as a company we are very pleased to contribute to this tremendous educational project and we are proud of the progress achieved by its students during the semester. It is very important for Puerto Angamos to develop initiatives that contribute to the integral growth of our neighbors in Mejillones, and undoubtedly education is a fundamental requirement for our children, young people and adults to grow personally and take advantage of opportunities in the future”.